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To ‘diy’ or not to ‘diy’

I am not crafty (in any sense of the word) but that is not to say I do not appreciate a smart craft when I see one! Also, with endless amounts of creative and fun do-it-yourself ideas out there these days, one is bound to get all nifty once in a while.

Today we have an extensive line of micro businesses based on, what could be called, the Re-Economy; economy based on the Re-purposed, Re-finished & Re-mixed! Generally speaking, I think there are three main reasons people have become diy junkies in the past couple of years:

{ONE}  With our world economies being as unpredictable as they are and art & design trends mixing with each other on unprecedented levels, I think people have become ever more inclined to evaluate their buying choices at multiple levels… meaning, they really want everything to be truly versatile. They want latest style, functionality, quality, brand name, resale value… all at an affordable price tag.

We want Mostnot morefor the money! A great way to ensure we get it, many of us have gone the route of building stuff ourselves or even better, re-purposing the old & mixing in the new to suit their personal style.

{TWO} Then there’s the same old need to be different… to be unique. Which I totally understand. Really, is there any one left on this planet (exaggeration) who did NOT buy the “Lack” Side Table from IKEA?

"Lack" Side Table - IKEA

Don’t take me wrong, I do love this table and trust me, I know how stupendous of a deal it is at $12.99!!! But seriously, it can be so much more than what it is with such less effort.

subtle but creative alterations to the Lack side table from IKEA

{THIRD}  Lastly, I think we are all, in many ways, simply going back to the basics. To the things that really matter. Things like, the human factor! Homemade jams, pickles, aprons, quilts, doll houses, toys… all things have one thing in common: a (person)ality. With most stuff being factory manufactured today, we have lost sight of the person building it hence we have no instant emotional connection to these things.

By creating things ourselves, we are not only satisfying our inner passion, possibly getting more for our money, but also, very importantly, adding an unmeasurable value to them. We are, in our own way, making heirlooms of our memories.

Happy Diy-ing :)

what a great project!

so simple & practical. two tables stacked together and finished off with a butcher board

a little diy idea for the "Lack" Coffee Table by IKEA

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baby in bath tub
Opulence for Little Ones


Honestly, these are extravagant!

However, I have to admit, if I had a million dollars to spare after charitable contributions, paying off whatever I lease/mortgage, investing in my family’s future AND buying as many expensive shoes and fountain pens (still two of my all-time obsessions), a couple of these opulent items might make the cut. In the meantime, I’ll just wait for these to pop up on ebay or craig’s list :)

Be warned… some of these are way too ridiculous – well, on second thought, ridiculousness is subjective :p

“Majestic Carriage Crib” at $20,000

Ahem! what can I say, it's opulent?!


“FAO Exclusive Barbie Foosball Table” at $25,000

Seriously? Like the only reason more girls might not be interested in a foosball table was because it didn't have female players. On a side note, this is also a little insulting to "Ken" - the least they could do is let him be part of the team - he's a Barbie too, you know!

Hair all done up, big bright Barbie smiles on their faces... these Barbies definitely look ready to play a very very rough sport, right?


“FAO Exclusive Jeweled Classic Etch-A-Sketch” at $15,000

For all your luxurious ideas!


“Swarovski Csrystal-Covered” case for $1000 and “My Carry Potty” at only $32

You are not yet a princess until you have a blinged out potty!


 “Album Di Famiglia Swaddler & Duvet Set” for $400

At a mere $400, you are literally wrapping your baby in money!


“FENDI Zucca Snowsuit with Fur + Mittens + Booties” for $670!

Correct me if I am wrong, but one could buy a snow blower for that price tag!


“Diamond Pacifier” for $17,000 – they’ll have to fully fund my child’s university education to get me measly interested!

The store's selling pitch: "There's no better way to show your super cool kids how much you love them than by getting them this 14k gold and diamond studded pacifier! At a measly $17,000, why not get one as a gift too? We'll even throw in the shipping for FREE!" - BABY WIT (online retailer)


And finally, “The Diamond Bathtub” for $5,200 – probably the  most ridiculous of them all, with all due respect to Kelly Rowland from Destiny’s Child of course, who reportedly gifted this blinged out bath tub to her bff Beyonce (source:

Why most ridiculous? Well… the retailer is so proud of their genius that, for just $5,200, they offer an array of creative ideas on how to re-use this extravagant buy. Ideas like “centerpiece at parties”, “beverage chiller, and “fun bath time for your pets”…

Enough Said!


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