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diy: memories [calendar]

Since I became a mom a few years ago, I have started to realize how little I can actually remember things, especially the ones I thought I would never forget… like when my daughter started walking or talking or saying the cutest first words… you know, things like that!

I think in the hustle & bustle of the craziness that is parenthood, it is very easy to forget than to remember. Even though on my baby shower, among other things, I received a beautiful journal from my sister to record all the oh-so-cute things Sophia will be doing during her first years, I don’t remember if I ever wrote a single word.

I remember, my dad always urged us to keep a daily diary. He would encourage us by giving us the beautiful leather bound calendar diaries that were given out every year by the company he worked for. I tried and I tried. But I could not make a habit out of it. Though, I must admit, today I would love to read whatever I did write back then!

Now that I am perplexed by how little I remember to be able to pass on to my daughter… I have decided to put a little effort into this. Sure, I have tons of photographs and videos of Sophia, her scribbles and doodles since the time she picked up her first crayon to almost every outfit she has ever worn after coming into this world… but nothing written out with my own hands, in my own hand writing – nothing that gives her a better idea of who her parents are!

So, to start off, here is a simple project I found on the net that ‘seems’ easy enough to add to my routine and possibly, through years, will make for memorable heirlooms.

- What are you doing to save your memories? When it came time to tell stories to your children & grandchildren, will you rely simply on your brain’s memory?


Vintage Postcard Calendar Journal

The following is a basic idea of a perpetual calendar. You simply add the current year on each card on the specific day, note down something, anything, small or big that happened that day and you are done! Make sure to repeat the same every year.

Personalize it however you like. The possibilities are endless. In fact, it would be fun to make this for each member of the family incorporating a theme or design of their choice – would be nice to see other people’s perspective on the same date!

Materials:fruit box and 12 postcards (can be found at flea markets)180 4 x 6″ lined index cardsdate stamppaper cutter (or scissors)twine (for gift wrapping)

Step 1: Cut Index cards into halves

Step 2: Stamp the month and date on each card

Step 3: Trim postcards to the same width of the cut index cards and just a bit longer than the index cards

Step 4: Organize postcards by date, dividing each month with the postcards

Step 5: Tie the twine and you are done! Great for gift giving too

(project idea & image source: The ultimate diy guide site: Design Sponge)
To ‘diy’ or not to ‘diy’

I am not crafty (in any sense of the word) but that is not to say I do not appreciate a smart craft when I see one! Also, with endless amounts of creative and fun do-it-yourself ideas out there these days, one is bound to get all nifty once in a while.

Today we have an extensive line of micro businesses based on, what could be called, the Re-Economy; economy based on the Re-purposed, Re-finished & Re-mixed! Generally speaking, I think there are three main reasons people have become diy junkies in the past couple of years:

{ONE}  With our world economies being as unpredictable as they are and art & design trends mixing with each other on unprecedented levels, I think people have become ever more inclined to evaluate their buying choices at multiple levels… meaning, they really want everything to be truly versatile. They want latest style, functionality, quality, brand name, resale value… all at an affordable price tag.

We want Mostnot morefor the money! A great way to ensure we get it, many of us have gone the route of building stuff ourselves or even better, re-purposing the old & mixing in the new to suit their personal style.

{TWO} Then there’s the same old need to be different… to be unique. Which I totally understand. Really, is there any one left on this planet (exaggeration) who did NOT buy the “Lack” Side Table from IKEA?

"Lack" Side Table - IKEA

Don’t take me wrong, I do love this table and trust me, I know how stupendous of a deal it is at $12.99!!! But seriously, it can be so much more than what it is with such less effort.

subtle but creative alterations to the Lack side table from IKEA

{THIRD}  Lastly, I think we are all, in many ways, simply going back to the basics. To the things that really matter. Things like, the human factor! Homemade jams, pickles, aprons, quilts, doll houses, toys… all things have one thing in common: a (person)ality. With most stuff being factory manufactured today, we have lost sight of the person building it hence we have no instant emotional connection to these things.

By creating things ourselves, we are not only satisfying our inner passion, possibly getting more for our money, but also, very importantly, adding an unmeasurable value to them. We are, in our own way, making heirlooms of our memories.

Happy Diy-ing :)

what a great project!

so simple & practical. two tables stacked together and finished off with a butcher board

a little diy idea for the "Lack" Coffee Table by IKEA

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