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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Growing up, I just loved the story of Snow White. Between books and television, I have read and seen almost all versions of this fairy tale over the years. And now with ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ movie releasing in the new year, I can not wait to go watch it. Especially, after watching the trailer with Charlize Theron playing The Queen… ah, what a splendid choice!

I am in love with the way she delivers, what could be one of the most powerful questions of all story-times:

‘Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Fairest of Them All?’

Every time I hear this dialogue, it makes me wonder what our world would be like if there were no Mirrors! Would we feel the same about ourselves if we never really saw ourselves? No way to know what we look like… no sure way to recognize ourselves even if we saw our own photograph! Scary, very very scary thought.

But let’s just get back to the topic for now… as thankfully, we DO have mirrors and aside from literally saving our species from becoming faceless, a mirror can do wonders for any space, design-wise. I adore old ornate mirrors and especially love their addition to an otherwise minimal and modern decor of a room. I believe a mirror’s look and design should have the intrigue… that compels one to look into them. Remember, a mirror’s reflection adds grandeur and expansion to a space but it’s design frames our image of ‘self’.

Although, the Mirror in the new ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ movie looks nothing like a conventional mirror, here are a few design ideas, inspired by the original dark and decadent character of ‘The Queen’. These would be powerful in any space and I can assure you, you would not be able to resist standing in front of these only to ask yourself the very same question… ‘Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…’

Just don’t blame me for the consequences :)

Some modern variations of the amazing baroque mirror for the more risk-taking eccentric in you!

My ultimate favorite… subtle, sweet and fresh yet ornate and with lots of character! Also, how can one go wrong with blacks and whites :)

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another portrait of NYC
International Street Photography Awards 2011

Being a huge admirer of photojournalism, any type of natural and candid photography catches my attention. Street Photography is one such genre of photography where the real skill lies in finding that right moment to capture a ”pure” image – pure in the sense that the subjects, their actions, and expressions are not posed or forced while they directly or indirectly interact with their surroundings.

Recently, I came across an article about the  “2011 International Street Photography Awards” hosted by the “London Street Photography Festival” and I was immediately taken to the variety of artistic images submitted from all around the globe showcasing little pieces of the photographers’ worlds.

I am sharing a few of my favorites, selected from the finalists’ entries. You can see more at London Street Photography Festival and while you are there, maybe submit a some of your own as they are looking for submissions for the 2012 Awards! Good Luck!

{ note to self: make more time in 2012 for some serious street photography! }


people on the street almost line up with the models' heads peeking through the store behind the wall!

child playing with his dad while in line at Mac Donald

"symbolisms are an interesting aesthetic problem" - Simon Becker (photographer)

Afghan civilians build new police station in Kandahar City

slice of a New York City street

"there are no orthogonal lines in nature" - Simon Becker (photographer)

living in NYC

in Barcelona

life in New York City

" ypsilon is the german word for the (symmetric) letter 'Y' " - Simon Becker (photographer)

" 'onde' means 'wave' in french. the newspaper is of course 'le monde' " - Simon Becker (photographer)

"A day of photography, one day meeting in an alley, a strange appointment" - Julien Coquentin (photographer)

in Central Havana

love the composition and contrast!

lines & curves on snow in the city

another portrait of NYC


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Inspiration: black & white stripes

B&W Zebra by Elle Arden

No one wears the stripes as well as the Zebras do!

However, we will always try :)

I’m in love with these bold looks incorporating our inspiration of the day:

(1) - Bold black & white patterns, antique rustic gold accessories, warm wood furnishings, bright color accents. Modern yet with character... my absolute favourite!

(2) - Clean and Contemporary

(3) - so minimal, so luxurious

(4) - reminds me of "Nightmare Before Christmas"

(5) - A cocktail dress for a chair - who cares what you wear to this party!

(6) - Sweet!

(7) - So nautical

(8) - Even the dolls are inspired!

(9) - from the people who really know design; BMW MINI

(10) - Very hard to pull off but if you can, it's a statement!

(11) - Giuseppe Zanotto Slingbacks - Love the leopard trim accent

(12) - Horizontal stripes - dare to wear!

(13) - Vince Camuto cuff - LOVE!

(14) - Definitely at the top of my shopping list for 2012!

(15) - Black, White and Red... works everytime!


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