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Good Things Come in Pairs!

This post is definitely a little early, with Valentine’s Day still a few months away, but I couldn’t resist sharing these adorable finds with everyone.

We all know that there is absolutely no end to the variety of unique gifts available out there for… well, pretty much every relationship imaginable. Still, for most of us, when it comes to finding the right gift for that right person at the right occasion, our brains have a way of being lost in action. The pressure to perform is inevitable. Especially, if the gifts we choose to give are destined to stand trial against the ones we receive!

Like the ones for Valentine’s Day or Wedding Anniversary… or worse, Dating Anniversary: the mere ability to remember this occasion can be a trial in itself for spouses of certain gender ;) Now, now. Let’s not get into the details of what a Dating Anniversary is, shall we?

My finds for today neither require an occasion nor are they too expensive – not even hard to find. But make for sweet, witty and sometimes funny little reminders of your sentiments – great for couples. They are simple everyday items like pillowcases or drinking glasses but with a slight twist. These one’s got something to say… to each other!

At times, all we need is an idea and this idea has endless possibilities. You can try making your own versions at home or like me, if you lack the DIY gene, just buy!


"Soulmate Pillowcases" at "" for $30/pair

"Man (+) / Woman (-) Pillowcases" at "" for $18/pair

"A Big Kiss Pillowcases" at "" for $36/pair

"Angel & Devil Pillowcases" by "Pop Pillows"

"Lust & Chastity Pillowcases" at "" for $50/pair



"You're Irresistable" Drinking Glasses by "" for $20/pair



"You Complete Me" Couples T-Shirts by "" for $42/pair

"We're Irresistably Attracted" Couple T-Shirt by "" for $42/pair


What do you think people? Would any of these make your shopping list? Personally, I love the Batman / Catgirl t-shirts!

Stay tuned for more unique, fun gift ideas – Coming soon!

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