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“It took 3 days!

That’s what Raheel Gauba wrote as a test post while launching this blog earlier today. It is kind of true you know. It did take us just three days from the time I informed Raheel of my decision to enhance the web of this wide, wide world with my own intricacies and sometimes creepy thoughts, to today – the launch day!

However, making the decision to do so took a lot more days. Lots more. Three years actually. But that’s just how things happen for me. Ever heard of analysis paralysis? Well, now you have. I am, what one would call, a professional-grade analytical machine (P.A.M., for all you acronym lovers out there). The more insignificant the object or idea, the harder and longer I analyze. For me, the fun really is in the journey… as much as at the destination. So much so, that I hardly get to the destination on time, if I get there at all. BUT, I love the journey.

Also, I am not sure if my Heart and Brain are on good terms with each other. Communication, as in most earthly relationships, seems to be the issue. And between you and me, I think they are a little jealous of each others’ powers. For instance, both have been arguing over who gets the credit for my decision to blog. What will I do, you ask? Well, what do you think? I’ll analyze it of course!

Having a blog of my own always seemed so… natural, like evolution. And just like evolution, the idea needed to go through many changes before it could take it’s final shape. It took me years to stop procrastinating and waiting for that 11th Commandment to reveal itself with instructions like…

“Six days shalt thou Blog, and do no other work”

or some similar Godly message. These years, however, will always remain a beautiful memory of my journey.

I am here now. Everything is in place. Including my 2 year old, who is in bed. (holy crap, did I just say “my 2 year old”? that sounded so “mommy” like! but that’s another topic for another day).

Ready to write, ready to evolve. I am!


(image courtesy of Davide Restivo)